Craft: Functional or decorative three-dimensional craft in any synthetic or natural media.

Painting: 2-Dimensional(2-D) painting media including oil, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic, fresco, ink & wash, pastel, gouache and spray paint, painted on a two-dimensional surface.

Photography & Digital Media: Traditional and digital photographs, photographs printed on metal, and time-based media.

Sculpture: 3-Dimensional carved, molded, applied or constructed techniques using wood, glass, plaster, metal, stone, plastics, clay, soft or hard materials, found objects or natural materials. May include high and low bas-relief, installations, kinetic sculpture and assemblage.

Work on Paper: 2-Dimensional works specifically created on paper, includes drawing, collage, etching, lithograph, wood block, screen print, serigraph, calligraphy, computer art on paper, graphic art, poster art, digital artwork print, digital collage, monotype, cut paper and pastel.