Eligibility: Artists must be a current resident of Pennsylvania.

                    Artwork must have been created in the past three (3) years.

                    Artwork size is limited to 12’ x 12’, 150 lbs. in all categories


Craft: Functional or decorative three-dimensional craft in any synthetic or natural media.

Painting: 2-Dimensional painting media including, oil, acrylic, watercolor, encaustic, fresco, ink & wash, pastel, gouache and spray paint, painted on a two-dimensional surface.

Photography & Digital Media: Traditional and digital photographs, photographs printed on metal, and time-based media.

“Note to artists submitting time-based media:

For time-based media to be considered by jurors for the Art of the State exhibition, artists must follow these guidelines to upload digital files to entrythingy.com for review:

1.      Audio / Video size should not exceed 100mb
2.      Video format needs to be MP4 or MOV
3.      Audio format needs to be MP3
4.      Single piece of time-based media where photography is the primary element, no longer than five minutes
If an artist’s time-based media is accepted into the exhibition, the artist will be required to provide a media player, speakers, and screen for exhibition display purposes.  Media should be programmed to play on a continuous loop. The media player should be equipped to start automatically, and to start and play when and if power is lost and returns.”
If you have questions about your entry, please contact rbyler@pa.gov.

Sculpture: 3-Dimensional carved, molded, applied or constructed techniques using wood, glass, plaster, metal, stone, plastics, clay, soft or hard materials, found objects or natural materials. May include high and low bas relief, installations, kinetic sculpture and assemblage.

Work on Paper: 2-Dimensional works specifically created on paper, includes drawing, collage, etching, lithograph, wood block, screen print, serigraph, calligraphy, computer art on paper, graphic art, poster art, digital artwork print, digital collage, monotype, cut paper and pastel.

Terms & Conditions:

Submission of work to the exhibit constitutes an agreement to comply with all rules, conditions and requirements listed on this site. The State Museum reserves the right to reject any work. No substitutions are permitted. All work must be freestanding and/or ready to hang. No Uniframes. No artworks may be larger than 12’ x 12’, or weigh more than 150 pounds.

The State Museum and Jump Street reserve the right to reproduce images for publicity and education purposes. All entries must be uploaded to this site.


Artwork is insured only while on location at The State Museum. Artwork is insured upon delivery for either its sale price or its insurance value. No insurance is provided to cover shipment to or from the museum. A value must be submitted for each artwork. If artwork is for sale, include a sale price. The insurance value may not exceed the sale price. If artwork is NOT for sale, an insurance value must be included with the entry.

Notification of Acceptance:

All artists will be notified by mail or email of the judging results, no later than April 15, 2018. Details for delivering or shipping of accepted work will be included in the letter. The artist may be responsible for installation of art if assemblage or other special condition exist.

Notification of Awards:

Awards are chosen in June, after accepted artwork has been delivered and installed at The State Museum. Award recipients will be contacted prior to the opening reception/awards ceremony and are asked to refrain from making their own announcements prior to the award ceremony on June 6/24/2018.

Sale of Art:

Jump Street and The State Museum encourage the sale of exhibited work. Commissions are not taken. No sale is final until artwork is released to the purchaser after September 9, 2018.